Wednesday, January 20, 2010

stuff we did last month

Pardon my absence. During the last month we've been dealing with flu, toe surgeries, new callings, a renewed attempt at potty training, and broken pipes in the bathroom to name a few. Here are some things I missed:

We managed to have a wonderful Christmas even though Ryan had the flu the whole week. Our Christmas definitely had a Star Wars theme to it and the boys were delighted. Looking over the loot and mess during the aftermath of the present-opening really made me want to have a homemade Christmas next year, but that desire will probably fade as the months go by.
Christmas dinner, crackers and all. The boys weren't as enthused about the crackers as I was. Maybe because Alex's prize was a hair scrunchie.

Ryan was part of a barbershop quartet for a friend's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. They sang "A Bicycle Built for Two" and sounded really good. This was also the same day he had surgery on his toe to remove a bone spur. The pain medication started to wear off right about here:

Wesley turned 3 months old:

We took a really fast day trip to Sacramento to visit Josh and pick up a trampoline he so kindly bestowed upon us. We squeezed in a visit to Fairy Tale Town while we were there.
Good ol' Uncle Josh.
Charlie saw this picture and said, "Mom, that's when you were little."
Ryan was still shoeless from his surgery.

Before we left we walked down to the pond and a nice family with Southern accents gave us a bunch of bread to feed to the ducks.

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Bananie said...

Yay! My family does the Christmas Crackers, too! (Thanks, Cost Plus!)
I had no idea there was a "Fairy Tale Town" in Sacramento. What kind of Californian AM I? Wish I could've heard that Barber Shop Quartet! I bet they were fabulous even with dwindling pain medication. Hope that heals soon! Youch!