Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's all about the Benjamin

A few weeks ago Ben got a Citizenship award at a school assembly:

He recently became confident riding on two wheels:

And on an unrelated note, I have bangs:


emily said...

well congrats to benjamin! it sure seems like he is a sweetie. how old is he? i should know, but sorry i don't.

love, love, love your bangs. you look really great with them. you're so brave and daring. :)

Bananie said...

Yay Benjamin! I bet he's so proud of his award!
And you officially have the haircut I asked for but somehow got something else. You look smashing, my dear. (And you have gorgeous eyes to boot!)

baercat said...

bang a rang, rufio

Mooy oh Mooy! said...

did you see me looking at you funny the other day? I couldn't figure out was was different about your hair! It looks great! :)

megan said...

Emily, yes Benjamin is a sweetie.

Bananie, thanks, I'm flattered!

baercat, you. . . man! Stupid, stupid man!

Judy, I didn't notice.

vernalstinson said...

What does one do to earn a citizenship award? Way to go Benjamin.

I got bangs last week too. Must be contagious. My hair is very dark, almost like snow white. Keller says I look younger... I'll take any compliment. Also a girl working for Tyler thought I was a babysitter, not our boys mom. Should've gotten rid of my gray a while ago.

Thinking of you this weekend!

denise said...

I'm loving the bangs. I think you look so great! I can't believe you just had a baby. Look who the hottie is now!