Sunday, August 16, 2009

cramming again

School starts on Wednesday for the boys, so last week we kept busy with the last of the summer activities. Last weekend we had our ward beach party:

A few days later Alex and Ben spent a day or two at their cousins' house. I came to pick them up and we played at the Huntington Beach Adventure Park:

The kids had their faces painted on another day at a craft activity. Alex had a black widow, Benjamin was Batman, and Charlie was supposed to be Elmo, but the result is a little scary.

Somewhere in there we also squeezed in one last pool day and another beach day including a stop at the honey farm. This year we decided to try the orange variety (I think last year it was cactus).
In a way I'm glad summer is almost over, since it's getting harder and harder to lug myself around in my very pregnant state, and I always look forward to fall (which weather-wise won't really arrive for another two months). But it's always bittersweet to realize how fast time is going by and to be faced with the reality of the boys getting older. We'll see how well I hold it together on Wednesday when Benjamin starts Kindergarten.

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emily said...

oh, looks like fun. i always forget you are pregnant. crazy. but even not pregnant, i'm super excited for fall, too!