Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving activities

I'm thankful for preschool Thanksgiving Feasts:

Cousins playing hockey:

Good music that makes you want to perform a lip synching/air guitaring/air drumming concert:

By the end of this "concert", the other cousins had joined them onstage.

Talented sisters-in-law who transform me into a redhead (changing my hairstyle is becoming a Thanksgiving tradition for me):
But really, it doesn't get better than enjoying good food while surrounded by wonderful family. Especially when all I have to worry about is showing up with a jello salad. I don't have any pictures of the actual Thansgiving meal, but it was scrumptious, and contrary to what I wrote earlier we did not in fact eat Nancy.


Annie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to see Charlie was gettin' in on the Hockey action.
And your new hair color looks fabulous! (Although, you could shave your head & still look fabulous.) That seems like a fun tradition to me!

rebecca said...

LOVE love LOVE your hair! It looks so great. Megan, you are so beautiful! I swear you haven't aged in the 10 (is that right? is that possible?) years I've know you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

emily said...

you do look so good! i love the color! and rebecca is right: you haven't aged a bit.

i'm glad nancy made it out alive.