Friday, May 30, 2008


A few weeks ago the kids were all outside, and ended up all together sitting in the ditch we (meaning the missionaries) had just dug for our sprinkler line. They were playing happily together, no one crying or complaining about whatever another one was doing. It was a nice moment.
This must have been on mix-match day, since Alex's pants seem to be on backwards.

Another nice moment happened not long ago when I was in another room in the house and noticed things were unusually quiet. I came out to the kitchen to find this:
I try to be inconspicuous when I'm taking these pictures, but I always get caught.

And right now, I'm having a nice moment of my own. Ryan just left with the older kids for Fathers and Sons, Charlie is down for a nap, and while I could be folding laundry or cleaning bathrooms or preparing my lesson for Sunday, I'm just sitting here eating a bowl of ice cream.


Lee said...

I love those moments. They are my favorite.

emily said...

it is so cliche, but these moments do make everything worth it. at least for me. your boys are adorable. are they really good buddies?

and it's all about priorities. ice cream. it sounds like you got your priorities right on track.

Shellbell said...

Aww! What cute pic's! Just makes my heart melt!

And about the ice cream. What better way to enjoy that peace and quiet then with a bowl of ice cream? I cant think of one.